BestPresenting world’s top online casinos. We started ambitiously with the intention to list the top-100 casinos but we quickly realized it was never going to happen – we were running out of legitimate casinos to list. We know you only want the best of the best, anyway.

Our #1 Pick:

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U.S. Accepted. BetOnline was a clear choice for #1 as it offers ease and reliability throughout. The Site features Sports Betting, Casino Games, Poker, and a Live Casino. When all this is added to the brand’s history of credibility and excellent customer support it’s no wonder the BetOnline has such a great reputation.

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Our Review Process

We listed and reviewed the best online casino sites in the world. However, we never recommend gambling unless you can comfortably afford it (and if you can, who knows, gambling may even be good for you). If you do gamble, however, you want to do your best to avoid getting your money stolen or held hostage at an offshore site.

That’s one of our key focuses: is the website we’re about to review a safe option?

After all, it makes no sense to play at any of the casino sites that refuse to pay your winnings, have predatory terms and conditions, or have trouble handling your information securely.

Successful casinos have little reason to cheat you out of your money anyway. They have the odds on their side for every game which guarantees they’ll make money in the long run. The more volume there is, the more money they make. If they already have the volume, they’d be foolish to risk getting less volume by cheating their customers.

And why would you choose anything other than a legitimate site?

So as long as casinos clear the biggest hurdle of them all — the safety hurdle — we’re ready to review all the other aspects of their operations, such as:

We know which software providers have the best casino games because we test hundreds of games a year (NetEntertainment, Microgaming and Playtech are among our favorite software providers).
Customer ServiceCustomer Service
Be helpful, fair and friendly. The first two are necessary; the last one is a big bonus. It’s easy to be nice (or at least avoid being rude). Every site should be able fulfill this criteria.
House EdgeHouse Edge
We know casinos are supposed to have the edge (here’s how they make money). We should stay away from the greedy ones, though, to have as much longevity for our money as possible.
GamesGame Selection
We want to see high-quality software – quality over quantity – but a wide variety of fun games guarantees a lot of entertainment. Bonus points for cool movie franchise games (Batman, The Avengers, etc.).
Customer ServicePromotions
It’s nice to get extra money to play with and even nicer when the terms and conditions of the bonus are reasonable. I won’t say no to a loyalty program, either. By the way, here’s how online casino bonuses work.
Casino websites get credit for being fast, cheap and flexible with their payment methods. US-friendly casinos face a lot of challenges in this area due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

I’m New to Online Casinos. What Should I Know?

BeginnersThe biggest differences between playing live and playing online are:

  • Social
  • Game selection
  • Speed of play
  • Payment methods

Quite obviously the social aspect of staying home versus going to a live location is a significant difference. Since it appeals to a niche audience, web casinos try their best to bring at least parts of the live atmosphere to the internet. For example, they provide live dealer games for those who prefer to play with a real-life dealer via video feed.

Thanks to the internet, you have hundreds of games available as opposed to a live setting where you may have up to 50 games depending on size of the location. You’re also able to play games like blackjack and roulette much faster on the internet (whether that’s good or bad depends on the person). Slot machines and video poker are probably the only games that are almost the same online and live.

Depending on where you live, you may have problems depositing money to an internet casino account (especially if you live in the U.S.); if you were to go to a live location, however, you can just take your wallet with you and exchange cash to casino chips at the location.

You have fewer opportunities to improve your odds at casino games on the internet. If you play live blackjack, you can count cards (unless the dealers use continuous shuffling machines), and even with a low deck penetration (the dealer shuffles the deck before you have any real time to get an advantage from counting the cards), you still get some financial benefit.

Even at the best casino websites, the software automatically ”shuffles” the deck after each round, so there’s no way to count cards. Some gamblers have tried counting cards in live dealer games but to my understanding those decks are shuffled too often to make it worth your while.

Casinos online have different types of promotions to offer than, say, Las Vegas casinos. While casinos in Vegas offer you food, drinks, accommodation, etc., on the internet you have deposit bonuses and occasional free spins and such. Additionally, much like slots clubs at live locations, some internet sites have loyalty programs (”the more you bet, the more you earn…”).

Is Online Casino Gaming Legal?

LegalWe’re not legal experts (far from it). Make sure you’re aware of your local internet gambling laws before gambling for real money. Here’s how we understand the situation:

In the U.S., you’re prohibited from operating an online gambling business unless you operate in one of the licensed states (New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware), and even then you’re only allowed to offer certain forms of internet gambling.

From a gambler’s point-of-view, there are no federal laws that prohibit participating in real-money online casino and poker games. The Wire Act, however, might cover internet sports betting. They keyword here is ”federal” since there are states that prohibit certain forms of gambling and that probably also apply to gambling on the internet. So even though gambling on the internet (in some forms) might be legal on a federal level, states get to set their own gambling laws so, again, depending on where you live in the U.S., casino gaming online may or may not be legal.

It’s important to note that even if participating in online gambling is illegal in some states, we’re not aware of a single case where someone has been sentenced, prosecuted or even arrested because of gambling on the internet for real money. It may happen eventually, though.

Are Internet Casinos Rigged? Can I Gamble Safely?

SafetyHundreds of millions of people gamble online safely. The best way to influence your chances of staying safe is to choose a legitimate, well-respected casino that has demonstrated respect towards its customers throughout the years. I already wrote a little bit about this subject higher on this page. In fact, this whole website is dedicated to finding the best gambling sites online, considering safety as the most important criteria?

So yes, you can gamble online safely, and suggesting you play at legitimate sites, you will not run into rigged casino games. However, you can also choose the other approach and get into trouble by joining one of the casinos that offer ”incredible” deposit bonuses and whatnot. With upwards of 1,000 casinos online, some are rigged and some are more legitimate.

How Can I Transfer Money to My Casino Account?

MoneyYou have several ways to deposit money to your casino account. Credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid cards are available for most people. The other popular method is to use an e-wallet (such as Skrill or Neteller) to transfer the money.

U.S. customers can only use e-wallets in states with licensed online gambling (New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware); instead, most U.S. customers use money transfer services like Moneygram or Western Union in case they prefer not to deposit using a credit, debit or pre-paid card.

The actual payment methods are not risky but if you choose to play at rogue casino site, you may run into problems getting your withdrawal processed. U.S. customers may have problems with card deposits because around 50-60% of them fail to go through – however, in those cases there’s no risk of losing money since the money never leaves your account.

Can I Win at Casino Games in the Long Run?

WinThe short answer is ”not likely.” At live casinos, you’ll sometimes find a video poker game with a positive return but making a profit requires playing according to perfect strategy and even then it’s only a tiny return. Also, at live casinos, you may be able to turn profit by counting cards at blackjack (impossible online because the deck is ”shuffled” after every round).

Historically, the only way to make money at online casino sites has been taking an advantage of deposit bonuses (or getting really lucky, obviously). A decade ago there were several casinos offering generous bonuses to new customers — in fact, I’ve heard of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars clearing them.

Today, most casinos have strict terms and conditions in order to not attract bonus hunters. Some of the terms are horrible, some of them are decent, and there may be some that allow you to actually make a profit in the long run. I haven’t seen these in a while, but to my understanding, there are still people out there making a decent amount of money from bonus-hunting, although to a smaller degree than before.