New Online CasinosEverybody likes to try new things!  They’re shiny and stuff. This human impulse applies to casino sites as well.  Some people do not enjoy playing on the same old site with the same old games for decades at a time, and we feel their pain. 

For this reason, we have come up with a list of promising new online casinos that we recommend for those who want to have some fresh gambling adventures.

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If you are already aware of what to expect from a new casino, just sign-up on one of these sites and start gambling!

If you have never played in a new casino before, you might want to continue reading while we break down their advantages and disadvantages as well as how to get started without getting scammed.


Customer ServiceUnique Promotions
It is not uncommon for new casinos to bring innovative ideas to the industry.  When it comes to promotions, this is a great thing because there are many ways a promotions program can be structured and there is currently a lot of room for improvement in the industry.

For players who love bonus hunting, the fact that there is a little bit of extra risk in trying a new site does not outweigh the adrenaline rush of finding a great bonus that no other site can top.  Not only will unique promotions provide you with a breath of fresh air, but they could also potentially give you more cash back than you used to get from your old online casino.

SoftwareCutting-Edge Graphics

Some people say that changing your surroundings occasionally can improve your mood and overall well-being.  If this is true in real life, then it is true on a computer too and certainly applies to casino sites.

What this translates to in the online casino world is that if you play on the same site all the time, you might start getting sick of the graphics and the software. This should be enough incentive to always be on the lookout for casinos with cutting-edge graphics that are hard to get tired of.

The fact is, an online casino that is new is more likely to have trailblazing graphics than a veteran casino that has been around for decades.  This is because these old sites sometimes get set in their ways and get comfortable with the way things are after making so much money.

GamesModern Games

There are constantly new forms of gambling being invented. These changes can come in the form of new games, or they can appear as new variations of games that already exist.

The best place to look when trying to find these new games is obviously on a new internet casino. The odds are that a new casino is more likely to have an up-to-date game selection because they have an uphill battle ahead of them and they want to stand out in as many ways as possible. These places are looking for any edge they can get on the rest of the industry and having the newest games possible certainly helps that cause.


SafetyLack of Reliability

As you probably already assumed, reliability can be tough to find in a new casino site. Even the ones that appear to be legit early on in their existence sometimes end up crashing and burning.

Unfortunately, sites that find themselves failing sometimes turn to stealing as a desperate last-minute cash grab. We can find comfort in the fact that not all sites are like this, though. As soon as a site is caught stealing or doing shady things, they are blacklisted in the gambling community and eventually go out of business.

Do NotCan’t Gamble as High

Due to the previously mentioned lack of reliability involved with most new sites, it is risky to keep a ton of money on these sites. Therefore, if we do not have a ton of money on the site, we cannot gamble as high as we normally would.

This might be annoying for some high-stakes gamblers since they will probably need to make their usual large bets to have any fun. Regardless of this, we recommend starting small and then gradually increasing the amount of money that you feel comfortable keeping on the site according to how much you trust them. This way you will eventually creep your bets back up to the stakes they used to be at while minimizing the risk at the same time.

Mysterious UnknownMysterious Unkown

Honestly, this might be a positive for some people. However, it is a little bit too dangerous to wander into unknown corners of the internet while waving your wallet in the air on a regular basis. There is no way to know what a new casino will be like, and for some people the realm of the unknown is too scary of a realm to wander into.

There is some merit to this fear, since new casinos have nothing to lose. They have not proven whether they will be using ethical business practices yet. They are also willing to go out on a limb and try new things with the intent of making a splash in the industry. Such risk-taking is usually associated with a “go-big or go-home” mentality. The problem is, when the “go-home” part happens, it usually involves people having their money stolen by the site.

How to Minimize the Possibility of Getting Scammed

We have already covered the fact that new online casinos are tough to trust, so what can we do about it? Well, the only thing we can really do is protect ourselves the best we can and hope for the best.

We have compiled a list of tips to help minimize the chances of having your money stolen by one of these new casino sites. These tips will not make you 10 feet tall and bulletproof, but they will certainly make a difference in the long run on the cold streets of the internet gambling world.

  1. Avoid welcome bonuses that seem outlandish.
  2. Normal welcome bonuses are usually between 50%-125% and reward no more than $1000-$2000 in bonus dollars. For an example on why high bonuses are bad, let’s assume there is a casino that offers extremely high bonuses that have never been seen before. After a few months, they cannot afford to process the withdrawals of players because of throwing all this extra money into their accounts, and the site goes out of business after the news spreads of withdrawals not processing in a timely fashion. Once a casino’s traffic dies down, that’s when shady things might start happening. This scenario is not uncommon in the gaming world.

  3. Check Casino Blacklists.
  4. Just because a casino is somewhat new doesn’t mean that they haven’t broken the law yet. Be sure to check the top online casino blacklists available on the internet and make sure that you are not signing up for a scam.

    The top casino blacklists in our opinion are provided by both and These blacklists are updated regularly to include as many new casinos as they can so that they can keep potential customers for these sites out of harm’s way.

  5. Find Out Who Owns Them.
  6. Another common occurrence in the online gambling world is when an online casino gets shut down for illegal activity, and then the criminal owners simply start a new online casino. Sometimes they use shell companies to hide who really owns them, but most of the time they are not that smart.

    You should be able to easily figure out the history of the owners of a site before you join it. This can be done with a simple google search on the names of both the owner’s name and the company name. If you see anything even remotely questionable about these people, we recommend just moving on to a different new casino.

  7. Find Out Who Licenses and Regulates them
  8. This is not quite as important as finding out who owns the new online casino, but it can still lead to finding dirt on them. The names of the companies should be easy to find at the bottom of the online casino’s website.

    Once we know the names of the companies that are licensing and regulating them, we can do a google search and see if they have a shady past. Any questionable actions by these gaming commissions and licensing companies should set off alarm bells and we should just forget about the online casino that is regulated by them.

  9. Check The Forums
  10. When researching a new online casino, a great alternative to searching on google is to search on any of the numerous gambling forums on the internet.   An example of one of our favorite gambling forums to do background research on can be found here.

    These forums are places where gamblers can share stories with each other and report on whether casinos are treating them fairly or not. The forums are also a place where players can compare withdrawal times with each other in order see how long each method is usually taking to complete. If you can see that the online casino you have been considering has had multiple negative customer reports or has withdrawal times of longer than 2 weeks, steer clear immediately!

    This method is more effective than checking online reviews because most of these reviews are paid to paint the site in a positive light.  The forums do not have this issue as people who are paid shills for certain sites are banned immediately, leaving only casino customers to talk amongst themselves.


If you are looking for a wild new adventure, joining a new online casino will do the trick.  This is a great way to enjoy modern games, unorthodox promotions and avant-garde graphics. If you are looking for a hopping new casino to join, check out our recommended list at the top of the page.

Like most wild adventures, you need to know how to protect yourself from danger.  This is especially true when we are signing up at a new online casino, because many of them are not to be trusted. If any of the sites you are researching fail more than one of our guidelines for staying safe, that is a huge red flag.

However, most of the time you should be able to enjoy the fruits of a new casino without having to worry about getting scammed.  These tips do not guarantee 100% safety from these crooks but it will dramatically cut down the odds of getting your money stolen.

We recommend trying out at least one new casino in your lifetime and seeing if it is an improvement from your usual online casino experience!