There is good cause to say that blackjack is one of the most iconic casino games ever created. Turn on any old casino movie, and you’re going to see a ton of people playing blackjack. Not only is blackjack popular in memories and movies, but it remains one of the most popular games in all casinos, both brick and mortar and online. Real money blackjack has been around since the 17th century and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

If you’re looking to play real money blackjack online right now, you’ll want to check out one of our highly recommended online casinos. You can rest assured you’ll get one of the best experiences from a trusted and safe site.

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Some of you may not be ready to jump into the action yet. We totally get that. If this is all brand new to you, you probably want to learn a little more about real money blackjack and the online casino world before you dive in (or dip your toe in the shallow end, whatever your style is).

We’ve prepared a lot of awesome information with your needs in mind. First, we’ll show you how real money blackjack online compares to playing in the casino (brick and mortar). Next, we’ll give you the top tips for playing blackjack online and show you how to get started today. By the end of this guide, you’ll be fully equipped to do two things. One, you’ll be able to decide if real money blackjack online is right for you and two, if it is for you, you’ll know how to get started.

How It Compares with Brick and Mortar Blackjack

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For those of you that have played blackjack before in the casino (what we call brick and mortar), you’re probably wondering how that compares to playing real money blackjack online. Below, we’ll take a look at the major differences. For some, these differences will be pros; others might consider them cons. It all comes down to personal preference.

Availability of Seats and Limits

As blackjack is one of the most popular games played in any casino, it’s no secret that finding a place at the table can be a challenge. This is especially true if you’re trying to play on a peak night, a holiday, or when the casino is running any sort of big promotion. There are limited dealers, limited, tables, and limited seats at those tables. At a particularly busy casino, you can find yourself standing there for hours trying to get a seat. Even then, casinos will usually raise the limits and minimum bets on a busy night, which might shut you out of the action completely.

This is one of the biggest perks of playing real money blackjack online. There’s an infinite number of tables, and you’ll never have to wait in line or fight to get a seat. You will never have an issue getting a seat or playing for the limits you want.

Online casinos typically offer tables with much lower limits for blackjack players. When was the last time you could play for $0.10 a hand in a brick and mortar casino? Probably never, unless you’re over 100 years old. No offense to our old-timers out there, by the way. You rock!

You’re in Charge of the Pace

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In online real money blackjack, you’ll never have a problem finding a seat. In fact, you can get your own table. While you can join other players, there’s always the option to play by yourself. Neither is better than the other; it all a matter of personal preferences.

If you play by yourself, you pick the pace. You don’t have to wait for slower players; you can go as fast as you’d like. On the same token, maybe you like to think out every draw and take things slowly? Maybe you’re learning basic strategy, and it takes you a while to decide what to do? That’s totally fine.

When you play real money blackjack online, you are in charge of the pace. If you want to take 10 minutes a hand, totally fine. If you’re a rock star who likes to fly through your decisions and get in as much action as possible, you can do that too. The choice is yours.

Number of Game Variations

When you play blackjack in person, you’re limited to whatever tables they’re running or whatever machines are open. If there’s a variation you like, and they don’t have it, you’re out of luck. While an online casino may not have everything you’re looking for, you’re going to get a lot more options when it comes to variations.

If your favorite online casino doesn’t have the game you want, you can just check out a different casino without moving from the couch. When you’re playing in person, you’re stuck playing at a chosen casino unless you’re ready to hope in the car, drive around town, pay for parking, go inside, and hope they have a game and an open table. Online, though, you can switch casinos in a matter of seconds.

The Overall Experience

This is where personal preference really comes into play. Some people love the atmosphere of a brick and mortar blackjack table. They’ll tell you how they love the camaraderie and the high-fives and the chatter amongst the players and dealers. Some people are just the opposite. They hate the crowdedness, the people bumping into you spilling drinks, and the fight with drunken people to keep their seat at the table.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. If you like being rowdy around the table, there’s nothing wrong with brick and mortar establishments or playing at an online table. If you don’t like crowds, online real money blackjack is a great way to do a little gambling without any of the distractions. It all comes down to what’s best for you.

We recommend playing online with play money first. If it feels like something you’re going to like, then give it a try with real money! If not, save your money for the next trip to the casino.

Remember, there’s nothing to say you have to choose either brick and mortar establishments or online casinos. Heck, you could even play online real money blackjack while you’re sitting at the casino blackjack table.

The Rules Are the Same

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A question we get a lot is whether the rules for online blackjack are the same as in the casino. The answer is yes, it’s the same blackjack game. That said, any two brick and mortar casinos you go into might have different variations or rule sets (especially for blackjack payouts) when it comes to how they run their blackjack tables.

This is the same when you play real money blackjack online. We recommend you read the rules before you start making bets. We’re going to cover a lot of different ways to investigate this and make sure that you have a great time in the next section so stay tuned. The short takeaway here is that it’s the same blackjack you’re used to playing in person, but on your laptop or phone.

Top Tips for Playing Real Money Blackjack Online

We want to leave you with some great tips for playing real money blackjack online. The experience can be incredibly rewarding as long as you approach it properly. The tips below will help you get the most bang for your entertainment buck.

Remember, gambling is all about having fun. If it becomes anything other than that, it’s time to quit playing.

Research the Rule Sets They Use

As we alluded to in the previous section, each casino has a different way of approaching blackjack. It’s still going to be the same blackjack you’re used to, but there might be slight nuances you need to be aware of. The two main questions are blackjack payouts and if you’re allowed to surrender.

While we’re not going to talk strategy, these two elements are extremely important for leveling the house edge. Even if you’re a player who doesn’t care about basic strategy, you should still care about blackjack payout.

Learn the Controls First

Online Blackjack

Ever play a new video game before? What happens for the first few minutes? Usually, your character runs around like a moron because you’re getting used to the controls. Within a few minutes, though, you’re able to figure things out, and suddenly it’s like you’ve been playing all your life.

Online blackjack is similar, though not nearly so extreme. You’ll have new controls to learn. While a good real money blackjack game will be self-explanatory and easy to learn, you’ll still have to learn where everything is. You’ll also need to figure out if there are any auto-action buttons. Auto-action buttons speed up gameplay by automatically doing certain things. For example, a lot of sites will let you automatically hit if you’re under a certain number.

You need to learn these controls to make sure you know what you’re doing and ensure you don’t make any costly mistakes. The best way to avoid mistakes is to spend a couple minutes at the play money tables first. Yes, this might be boring if you’re used to playing with real money, but it’s something we highly recommend. Just play a few hands and make sure you have a good grasp of all of the controls and how they work. Once you’re sure you’re not going to make any mistakes, you can head over to the real money tables.

Read What Happens with a Disconnect

When you’re playing blackjack online, you’re connected either through your phone or internet connection. It’s the same as when you’re connected to a website. If you lose connection, the game may freeze, and you’ll have to reload the screen.

What happens if you’re in the middle of a hand? Thankfully, most online casinos have protocols in place for these situations. Usually, they’ll do everything they can to protect your hand and let you come back where you left off. That said, we think it’s worth your while to check what happens just in case, so you’re aware of how the site is handling things.

Most sites have some form of all-in protection, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this. But, it’s always smart to take just a few minutes and see what you’re dealing with, especially if you don’t have the most reliable internet connection.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

real money blackjack table with dealer

This is our only bit of personal advice on this tip list. Feel free to ignore this completely, we aren’t going to judge you or take you off of our Christmas card list.

Our recommendation is to start slow. Start with smaller bets to get comfortable with things. Once you have a good grasp on the experience, you can bump up to your normal size bets.

Remember that online real money blackjack is available 24/7. What does that mean? Well, when you have to drive to the casino or even fly there, you have a limited amount of time to play. This means you should probably get in as much action on those trips as possible (as would we). But, since online casinos are now available in your pocket, you don’t have to rush to get all the action in. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

Getting Started Today

The only thing left for you to do is decide if online real money blackjack is right for you. Thankfully, getting started is super easy. All you need to do now is scroll to the top of this page and click on one of the trusted casinos we’ve recommended. Create an account, and you’ll be playing blackjack right where you are in no time! Just make sure you follow all our tips, and you’re sure to have an amazing and entertaining time playing your favorite games!