There’s no argument. Craps is the most exciting game in the entire casino. In the old days, you could only get craps action at the casino. That meant carving out a big block of time, making arrangements to get there, and hopefully finding a place at the table; that’s assuming you were lucky enough to live near a casino in the first place. But, thanks to technology, you can now get the rush of real money craps without ever leaving your home! If you’re ready to get into the action now, check below for the top-rated online casinos offering the best in real money craps action.

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If you’re still with us and not on to the digital craps tables already, it probably means you’re looking for a little more information before you get started. We’ve got you covered. In the sections below, we’ll break down how online craps compare to playing in person, top tips for getting the most out of online real money craps, and how to get started playing today.

How It Compares with Brick and Mortar Craps

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Rightfully so, your biggest question right now is probably how playing online real money craps compares with playing craps at a brick and mortar establishment. Is it the same feeling? Are the rules the same? What are the perks? What’re the negatives? You’ve probably got a lot of questions, and we’re here to answer them. In the next few sections, we’re going to break down the major differences between playing real money craps online and playing in person.

Hopefully, this will help you to decide whether this is something you want to try. If it doesn’t, we’ve got some great tips in the next section that will give you a good way to find out, once and for all, if you’re a fan of online craps.

Getting a Spot at the Table

One of the biggest perks of playing craps online is that you’ll always have a place at the table and you’re always going to be able to play for the limits that you want to. If you’ve ever gone to a casino when it’s busy, getting on a craps table can be challenging. There’s usually a wall of people already around the table and people behind them waiting to slip into a slot. If you want to get in the game, you have to get shoulder to shoulder with people and hope to get lucky that you’re standing behind a quitter. Sure, you could play craps at off-peak times, but do you really want to get up early just, so you have a place at the table?

Secondly, when the casino gets busy, the pit boss will usually bump the stakes to prioritize high rollers. If you happen to be on the table while this happens, they will usually let you continue playing, but if you’re not there already, you’re not going to get on unless you play for higher stakes.

When you play online, these problems are never an issue. You’re able to get a seat at any time, and you’ll even have your own table if you want it. You’ll also be able to play for any stakes you want; sometimes you can play for pennies! Find us a land-based casino that lets you play for pennies, and you will officially blow our minds.

Here’s the takeaway. When you play online real money craps, you will never be shut out of a game due to availability or because they change the limits on you.

The Pace of Play

When you play online real money craps, you’re going to have your own table. Some sites allow you to play with others if you want, but for the most part, you’ll have your very own table. This means you get to dictate the pace of play.

If it takes you a while to place your bets, that’s okay. No one is going to rush you or throw the dice while you are still deciding what you want to do. You can literally take as long as you need. If you’re someone who likes the action fast and bets quickly, no more do you have to wait on the slower players to get ready. As soon as your bets are made, you can fire the dice and see what they hold for you.

When you play online, you control the pace of the play.

The Atmosphere and Experience

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This is the one area where things are going to be a little different, and that may be a turn-off for some of you. Some people are looking for the camaraderie, excitement, and yelling that takes place at a busy craps table. They enjoy hanging out with their friends or strangers and hopefully beating the casino.

You won’t get that rowdiness when you play online. You’ll still get the excitement and the rush of the gambling, but you aren’t going to have the people jumping and screaming around you. Now, for a lot of people, this might be a perk. You might not like all the drunks jumping around and screaming while you’re trying to focus on the game. If that’s you, then you’re going to love playing online craps.

Many people fall into both categories. When you’re in the mood to go to the casino and play, go for it! However, when you can’t make it to the casino because of logistics, time constraints, or you just don’t feel like getting off the couch, you can play online. There’s nothing that says you can’t play in person and online. Do what fits best for you and gets you the most bang for your entertainment buck.

No Changes in Rules

A question we get a lot from people is whether or not the rules change when you make the switch from playing in person to playing real money craps online. Nope! They do not! The craps you play online is the exact same version you play in person. The rules are all exactly the same, the winners are determined in the same way, and the money you win is just as real. The only thing that might be different is that a lot of online casinos give you the option to bet more for your odds, which is a big perk. Online craps is all about giving you the most control over your betting experience.

Top Tips for Playing Real Money Craps Online

Before we send you to the tables, we’d like to cover a few important tips to help you get the most out of your online craps experience. While everything is effectively the same, there are a few small things you can do to get the best chance of walking away a winner and get the most entertainment out of your entertainment budget.

Always Take Advantage of Play Money First

Out of all the online casino games out there, craps has the most “buttons” for you to learn. This doesn’t mean it’s hard by any means, but it does mean there’s going to be a slight learning curve as you learn to place your bets, move them around, make decisions after rolls, and roll the dice. Would you rather learn to use the controls when you’re playing for real money or when you’re playing for play money? Of course, play money is the better option! If this is your first time playing online craps, there’s a good chance you’re going to make some sort of mistake as you’re learning the controls.

Make those mistakes for free. Make them when you don’t have any real money on the table. Then, when you switch over to play for real money, you don’t have to worry. We aren’t telling you that you need to use play money for hours on end to train for real money. All we’re saying is that you should at least throw the dice once or twice and make a few free bets, just to make sure that you have a hang of everything.

The second use for play money is to see if you’re going to like playing craps online. The table, the gameplay, and everything else with play money is exactly the same as they are with real money. The only difference is that you might not get the same rush because you don’t have actual money on the line. But you can get a nice feel for how things look and how it all works to see if it’s something that you might want to try with real money. It’s the ultimate free trial.

Understand the Disconnect Protections

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A good online casino is going to have disconnection protections in place to keep your money safe. We all know that phone and internet connections are nowhere near perfect. This can cause a lot of worry if you’re in the middle of a big roll or about to toss the dice. Imagine having all your bets set, going to toss the dice, and then your internet cuts out, or your phone dies.

The good news is that disconnection protocols ensure everyone is treated fairly in case of any user errors. Usually, they’ll just pause the game and wait for you to return, no matter how long that is.

That said, the operative word there is ‘usually.’ Before you start playing, we recommend you look at your online casino’s terms of service for disconnects.

If you can’t find the information quickly, just contact their customer support and ask them to provide it. If they can’t provide it or they don’t have anything in place, you don’t want to be playing at that site. You need to know that you won’t have to freak out and worry about your money if you happen to lose your connection while you’re in the middle of a roll.

This is less about actually checking for the provisions (because they’re almost always there) and more about peace of mind for you.

Take Advantage of Deposit Bonuses and VIP Programs

When you play online real money craps, there are a lot of different online casinos you can choose from. Because there are so many players in the market, online casinos fiercely competitive when it comes to getting your business. They’ll try to entice you to throw the dice with them for lucrative bonuses, free money, VIP programs, and other awesome rewards.

Take advantage of these. If the site is offering you free money, take it. Sometimes you will need to opt into these programs, so make sure you do your homework and read the terms and conditions. Opting in means telling the site you want to take advantage of the bonus, nothing more than that.

The one thing we want to say, though, is that you should only take advantage of these things at reputable online casinos. Do not switch to a shady casino just to get a great bonus. The bad apples in the industry will use freebies to mask the fact that they have bigger problems that could put your entire gambling budget at risk. If it’s a reputable site and they have a great bonus, go for it.

Getting Started Today

If you’re ready to start throwing the dice and trying to win big, you’re just minutes away. Scroll back to the top of the page and choose one of the reputable, top-rated online casinos we’ve recommended for you. If you want to know how we came to those recommendations, make sure you check out our “How We Rank” page where we break that down for you. Other than that, you’re ready to get out there and have some fun!