Whether you like playing live keno or video keno, your options to play from home just got a lot bigger and a whole lot better. The online casino industry has exploded in popularity and keno was not left behind. If you’re looking to scratch that keno itch and you don’t feel like leaving where you’re sitting right now, you could be playing real money keno in minutes! If you’re ready to get in the action, click one of the top-rated online casinos we’ve recommended below, and you’ll be on your way to hitting that jackpot!

Our #1 Pick: Bovada Casino

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U.S. Accepted. Bovada Casino is a clear choice for #1 as it offers ease and reliability throughout. The site features a variety of top of the line casino games and a Live Dealer Casino. When all this is added to the brand's history of credibility and excellent customer support it's no wonder Bovada has such a great reputation.

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If you still need a little more information before trying online real money keno, that’s okay. In the following sections, we’re going to cover how online keno compares with playing in person, some great tips for getting the most out of your online keno experience, and how you can start playing right now.

How it Compares with Brick and Mortar Keno

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Those of you still here are probably used to playing keno in person. Whether you play keno machines at the casino or local bar, you’re probably curious how online real money keno matches up. Is it the same or a completely new experience? Is it better or is it just a substitute for when we can’t make it to the casino? We’re going to answer all that and more in the next few sections as we look at the biggest differences between playing keno in person and online.

Available Seats

Something that can be really annoying when playing keno in person, especially around peak times, is when you can’t find a seat in the game. If you’re looking to play live keno, you may be able to get some cards, but you’re going to be standing in the back while the numbers are called. If you like playing video keno, you may struggle to get on the machine you want, and you might never get on there if someone is playing for a while.

When you play online real money keno, this is never an issue. Because everything is done digitally, there’s no need for physical chairs or physical machines. Effectively, there’s an endless supply of machines, and you always have the best seat in the house (where you’re sitting right now).

If you’re tired of going to the casino or local bar early just to get your keno action, you’re probably going to love playing keno online. You will never be shut out of a machine or a game, ever.

Game Variations

Video keno players know there are several variations out there. What may surprise you is that there are actually way more variations than you’re probably aware of. You see, when you play on a particular machine at a casino or local bar, they are forced only to offer the games made by that particular operator. While that selection is usually sufficient, it’s not everything that exists.

If you want the ultimate selection when it comes to picking out your keno games, you’re going to want to play online. Online casinos are not limited to carrying games from one provider. They can carry keno games made from every game producer under the sun if they want, and a lot of them do. While you may have a favorite game you want to stick to (and that’s okay), it’s nice to know that you have other options in case you want to branch out or feel like trying something new.

The Overall Experience

Most people don’t play keno for any sort of social experience. Keno players are action players. They’re there to win big! Because of this, you won’t be missing out on much of a social experience when you switch to playing online. Sure, you won’t get the fun interaction of all the other drivers in traffic, the parking attendant you have to pay, the guy smoking at the next machine, or all the drunks bouncing around and spilling drinks on you. You won’t get any of that when you switch to online keno.

The best part about playing online keno is that you are in full control of not only the games you play but the environment and experience you have. If you want things to be completely quiet and play in the dark, go for it. If you want to crank up some music and have a drink while you play, go for it. Because you are playing in an environment you control, you can set the stage for any type of experience that you want. You don’t have to worry about traffic, waiting in lines, drunk people, smokers (if you don’t smoke), or anyone bothering you while playing online real money keno.

Jackpots and Bonuses

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The most alluring part of keno is the progressive jackpots and big bonuses you can hit while playing. When you play at your local bar or casino, those jackpots are nothing to raise your nose at. But, when you play online, the progressives are much larger. This is because the player pool is usually bigger as online casinos are accepting players from all over the world. This means the online keno jackpots become astronomical. If you like winning big, this is a huge perk.

Additionally, online casinos love to throw lucrative bonuses at their players. This means you can often get free money just for creating an account.

So basically you do what you’re already doing, but from home, and you get free money and free games thrown your way. While brick and mortar casinos sometimes have loyalty programs, they almost always pale in comparison to what you can get online. This has a lot to do with the fact that an online casino doesn’t have to pay for a building or bartenders and housekeeping. Instead, they invest those funds into giving you exciting bonuses!

Top Tips for Playing Online Real Money Keno

If you’re convinced that online real money keno is something you’re interested in, pump the brakes for just one second. Before you get into the action, we want to give you a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your time playing online keno. While things are going to be extremely similar to what you’re used to in person, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most bang for your buck and put yourself in the best position to walk away a winner.

Explore the Different Variations

One of the coolest parts about playing keno online is the fact that you’re going to have instant access to pretty much every single game variation out there. You’ll see your favorites and then probably several variations of Keno you’ve never seen before. While you can certainly just stick to your game of choice and call it a day, we encourage you to at least browse around and see if there’s something else you might enjoy even more. You may be surprised what you find because these options aren’t all available to you at a regular casino.

Read What Happens With a Disconnect

Sometimes our internet or phone connections don’t like to cooperate. It is, unfortunately, something that happens even if we have the fanciest phone or the fastest internet. The good news is that the online casinos are fully aware of this and have systems and protocols in place to protect you and your money if and when you disconnect from their game servers.

Usually, the action is just paused until you return. If it’s a live game, the action still plays out, and your picks still go through. Basically, you’re not going to miss out on anything, and if you’re a winner, you’re going to be paid.

All that said, we’d like for you to have peace of mind before you start playing. That way if you happen to disconnect, you’re 100% confident that things are going to be okay. How do you get this peace of mind? Take a minute and read through the disconnection policy at your chosen online casino. If you can’t find that information or don’t feel like looking for it, just pop open their customer support chat and ask them how it works. They should be able to quickly tell you exactly what happens when and if you get disconnected. You can even tell them you’re looking to play keno and they can give you specifics.

It’s nice to have that peace of mind, and double checking things for yourself is always a smart practice.

Understand the Bonuses and Jackpots

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Earlier, we touched on the fact that online casinos love to give out bonus rewards for players and they tend to have very large jackpots on a lot of games. Before you start playing, check out their bonus or rewards page and make sure you’re taking advantage of anything and everything you should be. Again, if you’re not sure how something works, contact their customer support and ask them. They will be able to tell you everything about their bonuses and reward programs, so you know you’re getting the most the site has to offer.

Sometimes you have opt-in, meaning you specifically tell them you want to receive a bonus. It’s free to get, but you have to tell them you want it. Also, deposit bonuses often come with playthrough requirements you should be aware of. Basically, you can’t make a deposit, get a bunch of free money, and then just cash out. You’re required to play a certain amount to take advantage of a bonus. You will always be able to withdraw your own money no problem, but you may have some requirements to fulfill if you take advantage of a bonus.

Again, all of this will be clearly explained on every online casino’s website. If you’re ever confused, just contact their customer support and get things clarified. They are there to help and serve you, so definitely take advantage of that!

Getting Started Today

At this point, you should be fully equipped to get in the action and be playing online real money keno in minutes! All you need to do is scroll back to the top of this guide and pick out one of our recommended online casinos offering real money keno action. Once you get there, create your account, pick out the game you want to play, and you’ll be in the action in no time. Have fun out there, and we hope you win big! Good luck!