Let’s state the obvious: Slot machines are a lot of fun. Our favorite thing about slot machines is watching people who have never played them before try them for the first time and realize just how much fun they are. We don’t know if it’s the rush, the lights, the sounds, the mini-games, or some awesome combination of all of those combined. Either way, we love slots.

If you’re a fan of slots but hate only being able to play when you’re at the casino, you’re in luck. Below, you’ll find links to the top online casinos offering real money slots action. You can get in on the action now without leaving the comfort of your house!

Our #1 Pick: Bovada Casino

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U.S. Accepted. Bovada Casino is a clear choice for #1 as it offers ease and reliability throughout. The site features a variety of top of the line casino games and a Live Dealer Casino. When all this is added to the brand's history of credibility and excellent customer support it's no wonder Bovada has such a great reputation.

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We know some of you might be looking for a little more information about playing real money slots online before you get started playing and we totally get that. In the coming sections, we’ll break down exactly how online slots compare to playing slots in person, the top tips for getting the most out of real money slots online, and what you need to do to start playing from home today!

How Online Real Money Slots Compares to Land-Based Slot Machines

Most of you have probably played a slot machine at least once in your life. Or, maybe you’re here to see what they’re like in anticipation of an upcoming trip to a local casino or maybe Vegas? Whichever category you fall into, you probably want to know how these digital versions of traditional slot machines compare with the ones you encounter in person.

In the coming sections, we’re going to break down the differences and similarities between the two. While you’re still playing the exact same game, there are some noticeable differences. Which is better?

To be honest, we feel that online real money slots have far surpassed their brick and mortar counterparts, but ultimately, you’ll have to decide which is best for you. Or, you can do what a lot of people do and just play both. Play online when you can’t make it to a casino or don’t feel like leaving the house and play in the brick and mortar locations when you want to make a trip out of it.

Let’s break down and compare the two.

Getting a Seat on Your Favorite Game

One of the most annoying things for a slot player in the brick and mortar setting is finally finding your favorite game only to realize there are no open seats. If one of your favorite games is popular, this is going to happen all of the time. And heaven help us if one of those mega grinders sits down who is going to be playing for the next 10 hours. At that rate, you’ll never get on your favorite machine.

This is a huge advantage of playing real money slots online. You always have a seat at your favorite game. Why? Because everything is digital, there’s effectively an infinite number of slot machines. It’s like looking into a hall of mirrors made entirely of slots. This means that no matter what time of the day you jump online, you’re never going to be shut out of a game due to crowding.

Hundreds of Slots to Choose From

Slots and Gambling Machines

Another perk of online real money slots versus brick and mortar machines is the choices of games. While a brick and mortar casino may feature a few dozen different games, the best online casinos feature a few hundred. Sometimes they’ll even have licensed games from popular movies and TV shows just like those in brick and mortar establishments. On the other hand, some online casinos are subpar and haven’t put enough attention into their online slots.

But, if you’re playing with a quality online casino, you’re going to have an enormous number of slots to choose from. It’s not just the newest slots either. You’ll also be able to play all of your classic favorites as well. Brick and mortar casinos have to get rid of older games to make room for the newer games. Online casinos, on the other hand, can just keep adding games and keep all your older favorites around as well. They never have to get rid of slots to create more room, which means more options for you.

The Quality of the Mini Games, Graphics, and Animation

The biggest fear lot of players have when looking to make the switch from brick and mortar to online is whether the quality will be the same. Well, there’s something you need to know. The quality isn’t going to be the same…it’s better. The reason? Updates.

When a new game is released, brick and mortar and online casinos get the same version. But, when an update is released, what happens? Well, the online casino can update everything immediately. The brick and mortar casino is forced to send out a technician, assuming they can get one scheduled, to update every machine manually. If there’s something wrong with the hardware, it’s going to be another few weeks before your favorite game is fixed.

Basically, because of the updates, online slot machines typically find themselves ahead of their brick and mortar counterparts. This also gives them the ability to offer more extensive mini-games and animations that might not be capable on a standalone machine. We’re not trying to sound like adoring fans of online real money slots, but it’s tough when everything they offer seems better than brick and mortar.

The Overall Experience

One area where the experience is going to be wildly different is, well, the experience. If you’re someone who loves getting dressed up to go to the casino and being around all the other people, online casinos are not going to be able to offer you that. But, if what matters to you is being able to play the game you want, and you prefer a quieter atmosphere without all the smoke, drunks, and noise, then you’re going to love playing real money slots online.

Which of these is a better environment to play in? The answer is that it all depends on what you like. If you like the hustle and bustle of a brick and mortar casino, that’s great. But if you like a quiet and controlled environment, you’re most certainly going to enjoy playing online.

Like both environments depending on your mood? You can do both. Play online when you want to relax at home and play in person when you have the chance to make it out to the casino. There’s nothing that says you can’t enjoy the benefits of both brick and mortar and online real money slots.

The Gameplay and Rules Are the Same

We get this question all the time. Are the rules for online real money slots the same as in person? Yes!  The answer is yes. The slot machines you play online are exactly the same as those you play in the casinos. The only difference is that you don’t have an actual lever to spin the reels and you might be playing a newer version of the same game. The bottom line is that online slots are going to operate exactly the same as those in a brick and mortar casino.

Top Tips for Playing Real Money Slots Online

The last thing we want to cover in our real money slots guide are some tips to help you make the most of your time playing slots online. All of these perks and benefits we mentioned in the previous sections can only come to fruition if you are smart about how you approach your time playing. Take a few minutes and read through these tips to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and have the best time possible playing slots online.

Make Sure a Site Has the Game You Want

Man At Slot Machine

If we know anything about slot players (probably because we are slot players), we know that you have games that you love. We also know that if a casino doesn’t have the game you’re interested in, you’re not interested in playing there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you want and refusing to settle for anything less.

So, how does this play into your time online? Don’t settle! Before you pick out an online casino to play your slots at, make sure you look to see if they have the game or games you like to play. If they don’t, go somewhere else. With so many great options for online real money slots, there’s no reason to settle.

Learn to Operate the Machine First

Thankfully, slot machines are pretty easy to operate in person. The same is true when you play online. That said, there are going to be a few different controls you need to learn to make sure that you’re betting the right amount and getting the exact action you want. This will ensure that you don’t have any miscues or misclicks where you bet more than you want to or accidentally kick the machine on auto spin.

The best way to take care of this is to spend some time using play money on the site before you switch over to real money. Even if you find play money boring, at least make a safe few spins to make sure that you fully understand how everything works. It should only take you a couple minutes, and then you can safely switch back over to real money without any fear that you’re going to make a costly mistake.

Understand How Disconnections are Treated

If you’ve ever used the internet before (that should be everyone since you’re reading this right now), you know that internet connections are not always 100% reliable. While internet connectivity is lightyears ahead of where it used to be, there are still times where they have hiccups and drop their connection. This isn’t really a big deal if you’re just viewing a static webpage, but what happens if you lose connection in the middle of a spin on your favorite online slot machine?

Here’s the good news. Almost every quality online casino offering real money slot action has a plan in place to handle these situations. Typically, they freeze the action exactly where you are and then pick right back up when you get back online.

The good news with slot machines is that you’re only going to have one pull going at a time, so if you get disconnected, the game will pause and finish that spin as soon as you return. While there’s more going on behind the scenes, that’s what it’ll look like from your end.

That said, we still recommend you take a few minutes to read up on how an online casino you’re going to play at handles disconnects. Almost all online casinos have recovery systems that lean in your favor, but we think it’s best if you take just a few moments to read up on it yourself.

If you can’t find the information, just ask customer service, and they should be able to provide it for you. If they can’t provide it, do not play on that site. The site’s we’ve recommended at the top of this page will be able too, though.

Take Your Time

When you have limited time at the casino because you can’t get there as often or maybe it’s far away, we understand the need to get in as much slot action as possible. However, now that you have hundreds of slots at your fingertips 24/7, you need to change your mindset. You don’t have to force in as much action as possible.

Take your time. Online real money slots online aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (or ever).

Getting Started Today

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If you’re ready to get started playing online real money slots today, you’re only minutes away. Scroll up to the top of the page and check out one of the online casinos we’ve recommended for you. The convenience, the ability to get onto any machine you want, and being able to play right from where you are right now are just incredible.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s what we recommend: Navigate to one of the sites we’ve recommended and try it out with play money. See if you like the feel of it. While play money might not give you the same rush, it is a great way to tell if online real money slots is a good fit for you.

Good luck out there friends!