Downtown Bingo is one of 4 bingo sites owned and operated by The BC Corporation, which is headquartered in the UK. Their games are powered by Vista Gaming software, which is a bingo specific software provider in use on multiple Internet bingo sites and a single casino site (as a supplement to that site’s casino game offerings.)

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The site is licensed and regulated in Costa Rica. Downtown Bingo offers a wide variety of bingo games as well as quite a few slot machine games. They even have some video poker games and a handful of table games, like blackjack. No download is required to play.

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Downtown Bingo No Deposit Bonus Code

New players at Downtown Bingo are eligible to use a no deposit bonus code to get free money ($25) to play with.

All that’s required to get this free $25 to play with is to register with the site.

They also offer new depositing players 1500% in signup bonuses over the first 3 deposits:

  1. 500% on your first deposit
  2. 600% on your second deposit
  3. 400% on your third deposit

Here’s how a deposit matching bonus works:

You decide to deposit $100. When you get a 500% matching bonus, you get 500% of your initial deposit in bonus money–in this example, that’s $500. So you get to play with a $600 bankroll even though you’ve invested only $100.

Does that sound to good to be true?

Are you wondering what the catch is?

You’re right. It is too good to be true, and there is a catch.

Downtown Bingo Has No Wagering Requirements

You have to wager your initial deposit plus your bonus money a certain number of times before you’re able to cash out any of your winnings. If you think about it from the casino’s perspective, this makes perfect sense. After all, how long could they stay in business if all their players claimed a $500 bonus on a $100 deposit and allowed them to cash out after losing just $100 or even $200?

But with wagering requirements, the casino is mathematically likely to not lose any money on the deal.

But the player still has a fighting chance at winning some free money. It’s mathematically unlikely, but there’s still a chance of getting lucky. In fact, when you’re playing any house-banked game, the house has a mathematical edge, so you shouldn’t be surprised at how these bonus offers work.

Downtown Bingo is an exception to this rule, though–they have NO wagering requirements to meet. Of course, you can’t just cash out your bonus money. But you can cash out your winnings and your deposit at any time.

The minimum deposit to earn one of these matching bonuses is $25. Most bingo players are low rollers and will likely deposit less than $100. No maximum is listed on the site, but it’s unlikely that you’d see much reason to make a huge deposit there.

Buy-ins for bingo games and tournaments are generally pretty low. In fact, if you’re a high roller, you’ll probably find more to like about a casino like Bovada, which more or less caters to big players. also offers redeposit bonuses for their returning players. These bonuses vary based on the day of the week. The size of the bonus varies based on the size of your deposit. Here are the details of those redeposit bonuses at the time of this writing:

On Mondays, you can get the following redeposit bonuses:

  • If you deposit less than $100, you’re eligible for a 200% matching bonus.
  • If you deposit between $100 and $500, you’re eligible for a 400% matching bonus.
  • If you deposit $500 or more, you’re eligible for a 600% matching bonus.

On Tuesdays…

  • Less than $50, 99%
  • Between $50 and $100, 199%
  • Between $100 and $500, 299%
  • Over $500, 399%

On Wednesdays…

  • Less than $50, 88%
  • Between $50 and $100, 188%
  • Between $100 and $500, 288%
  • Over $500, 388%

On Thursdays…

  • Less than $100, 150%
  • Between $100 and $500, 300%
  • Over $500, 450%

On Fridays…

  • Less than $100, 200%
  • Between $100 and $500, 400%
  • Over $500, 600%

On Saturdays…

The bonus offers are just like Thursdays.

  • Less than $100, 100%
  • Between $100 and $500, 200%
  • Over $500, 300%

As far as signup bonuses go, Downtown Bingo’s lack of wagering requirements make it one of the best kept secrets in the online casino world–especially in an environment where most players have to wager 30X their deposit plus their bonus before cashing out.

Games Available

Of course, given the name of the site, it’s probably obvious that the big draw here is the online bingo games. These Internet bingo games are available 24/7. If you’ve played bingo in a brick and mortar bingo hall, you’re probably not going to have much trouble with the Web-based versions.

You get a card, just like you would in a live game, but this card is a virtual card in a pop-up window. Numbers get called and posted on a tote board. You also have the opportunity to chat with the other players.

The chat is one of the biggest draws of an online bingo hall, in fact. It’s the most social form of gambling on the Web–even more so than poker, in fact.

But Downtown Bingo doesn’t limit your choices to bingo. They also offer 5 different keno games:

  1. Veggie Keno
  2. Candy Keno
  3. Scary Keno
  4. B-Day Keno
  5. Keno BBQ

They also have games called “Chain Reactors”:

  1. Tweet Tweet 14
  2. Tweet Tweet 15
  3. Tutti Frutti 4
  4. Tutti Frutti 5
  5. Jewelz4
  6. Jewelz5

Keno Games and Chain Reactors at Downtown Bingo Screenshot

Slots are also popular with this demographic. Downtown Bingo offers 3 progressive slots jackpots:

  1. Fairy Nights
  2. Greek Myths
  3. Winds of Arabia

They also offer a large number of 5 reel video slots:

  1. Sands of Egypt
  2. Lost Vikings
  3. Amazon Quest
  4. Monster House
  5. The Lucky Farm
  6. Princess of the Sea
  7. Mystery Manor
  8. Coral Reef
  9. Wanted
  10. Scary Night
  11. Be Wild
  12. Frankie’s Place
  13. Grocery Store
  14. Circus
  15. Games Bond

That’s just a partial list, though. They also offer half a dozen 3 reel classic slots as well as a couple dozen more 5 reel video slots. It’s a nice selection of games, and you’ve probably never played most of them, even if you’re a hardcore online casino gamer.

See, most casino gamblers and slots players online stick with Internet casinos. It never occurs to them to try the games at an online bingo hall. But given the lack of wagering requirements and the variety of games available, Downtown Bingo should be on your short list of online casinos.

The site also offers a surprisingly large number of options for video poker players, too:

  1. Jacks or Better
  2. Deuces Wild
  3. Deuces & Jokers
  4. Bonus Poker
  5. 10’s or Better
  6. All American Poker
  7. Joker Poker
  8. Double Joker Poker
  9. Bonus Deluxe
  10. Double Bonus

There’s nothing impressive about their table games selection, although they do offer most of the classics, including baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

Is Downtown Bingo Safe?

You might ask, “Is Downtown Bingo safe?”

That’s a legitimate question. It’s been my experience that the sites least likely to generate customer complaints are bingo sites.

You really don’t have to worry about games being rigged at most online casinos. There’s no incentive to rig the games, because, in a sense, they’re already rigged. The house edge guarantees that in the long run, the casino’s going to make a profit.

What’s more concerning is when an Internet casino is slow to pay off winners. That’s an egregious sin. I had no problems cashing out my winnings there, though. And I’ve seen no one complaining on any of the major forums about the site’s customer service or payouts.

Depending on where you live, gambling online might be illegal. In that sense, maybe Downtown Bingo is unsafe. But in terms of doing business with a reputable site… well, Downtown Bingo is as good as any.


Downtown Bingo’s generous signup bonus offer and lack of wagering requirements make it a compelling property to consider when choosing an online casino. It probably goes unnoticed among many players because of the bingo.

But unless you’re a craps player (they don’t offer dice games), you can probably find the casino games you’re looking for here. It’s a trustworthy site, too. I’m happy to recommend it to my visitors. You can try the site out by clicking the link below.

Visit Downtown Bingo

Keep in mind, though, that I can’t be held responsible for your experience when dealing with another company. You play at your own risk at any of the casinos listed on this site, including Downtown Bingo.